Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Queens Gate Design cushions different from any other finished needlepoint cushions?

In one word: materials. We feature the highest quality needlepoint materials available -- and it makes a difference. By choosing superior canvas coupled with our own wool, spun and dyed in the United Kingdom, we can ensure that our finished cushions will last. In addition, while it is possible to use simpler stitches to stitch a cushion, we stitch our cushions using the Victorian cross-stitch, a unique needlepoint stitch that ensures durability and beauty for years to come. The Victorian cross-stitch uses twice the amount of wool, forming a long-lasting piece of art you can enjoy in any space of your home.


Are your cushions stitched by hand or by a machine?

Queens Gate Design cushions are stitched by hand. Our embroiderers are highly skilled and are known for their artisanal stitching on our cushions, international high premier fashion designers, etc.


There is an actual person who stitches the cushion! How long does that take him or her?

Each cushion requires over 100 hours of hand stitching. It's a commitment that we feel strongly about to ensure that each piece passes our strict quality control standards. After all, we are offering art for your home that is an heirloom investment. In addition to stitching the actual design, each cushion features appliquéd cording which is also hand-sewn onto the piece.


Where does the wool come from for your cushions?

One of the materials we are most proud of is our wool. We use our own wool line which is spun and dyed in the United Kingdom. The wool is sourced from a farm in New Zealand. We choose our wool line colors specifically to enhance the Queens Gate Design cushions, giving us full control over each product from the very beginning stages to its successful, beautiful completion.


Where are the cushions made?

Our cushions are stitched and finished in India. Read more about our partnership with India in our Social Responsibility section!


What is needlepoint? Is it the same as cross-stitch?

Needlepoint as an art form has been around since the ancient Egyptians. It has been mentioned in ancient articles and books, including the Bible.  Our needlepoint cushions feature the Victorian-Cross stitch, which is a needlepoint stitch that takes advantage of the double threads in a cross, but is a beautiful needlepoint stitch.


Why should I have needlepoint cushions in my home?

The whole beauty of accessory items is they add colour and texture to your overall room design, pulling it together.   With the depth of colour and rich designs of your Queens Gate Design needlepoint cushion, you are adding a sophisticated touch to your space, while adding texture, colour, and dimension in a stunning way.